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Board Members

Lazandria Richey.jpg

Lazandria Richey  - Member at Large 


Lazandria is the Church Administrator at New Trinity Community Church of Oxnard, CA with Senior Pastor Carlos D. Speights. She is also the Executive Secretary at New Friendship Baptist Church of Santa Barbara, CA working with Pastor Roderick Murray. Her position for both churches entails managing the church office as well as assisting ministry leaders with organizational facilitation.

Lazandria founded Penmate in 2015, which is a pen pal-to-inmate organization.  This organization encourages inmates to profoundly seek the gifts that were given them and to utilize them to the best of their ability. Penmate also serves as an advocate and resource to those who are exiting jail/prison blindly.  While encouraging others to utilize their tools, she and her sister Attorney Ashley Reese challenge the judicial system to boldly change laws that are conducive to the unjust incarceration of segments of our population based on their socio-economic status, arguing that our country stands on the principle of liberty and justice for ALL.  Lazandra awaits the day we can all get to stand before Congress to defend what is right, and help change laws, policies and practices so that each citizen is treated fairly regardless if their social socio-economic status .  

Amazingly, Lazandria has successfully balanced her time to be a loving companion, co-worker, daughter, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, and friend. Lazandria has been a lover of the father, son and holy spirit for many years, and she is not tired yet because she understands God has not brought her this far to leave her in the fight for justice alone.

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