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Board Members

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Deborah Dhabalt-McCoy - Member at Large


Deborah lived her formative years in Springfield, Illinois, where she attended and graduated from Lincoln Land Community College in 1979, AD in Nursing. Deborah continued her education at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, graduating in 1983, BS in Nursing. 


In 1989, she moved to California to escape the ever-changing and often intolerable weather of the Midwest. Her major areas of practice have included Maternal-Child Health, Teen Parent Education, Public Health, Geriatrics, Ambulatory Care, and Urgent Care. Having gained much nursing experience as a RN since, Deborah has returned to school to concentrate on the fields of computerization of the Medical Record and Information Management.  


Most recently, Deborah has invested her energies into changing the dysfunctional Mental Health system of Santa Barbara County. As a part of the Systems Change process, she sits on five of the six Action Teams representing herself as a health professional who was formerly employed by Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug, Mental Health Services (ADMHS), an advocate for the Mentally Ill and their families, and a member of FamiliesACT!.

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