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How does the system work?

How can I navigate the system with my loved one? 

How can I understand and identify the gaps in the system?

How can I find the best solutions for each step of the journey and situation?


Educate You

FamiliesACT! understands the complications of those among us with a mental health condition and a substance use disorder. We understand the medical uniqueness of your loved one and the fragmented system because of our own personal situations. Our stories offer you a heightened awareness that you are not alone. We continue to retain a forum of community officials across government agencies, non-profit sector, and law enforcement to assist you in navigating the system to best care for your loved one. We collaborate with news outlets and other community partners and empower people to speak up, to ask questions of local government officials and challenge the status quo.

Educate Community

It is important that the community understand the difficulties facing families and their family members. FamiliesACT! focuses to shape the narrative and push for effective treatment, object to and work toward the reduction of incarceration of the mentally ill and identify the gaps within the system for those among us with a mental health condition and a substance abuse disorder.  

Advocating for Loved Ones

It's important to give a voice and support those who may not be able to do so for themselves. That is why advocating for services and treatment for those among us with a mental health condition and a substance use disorder is how FamiliesACT! advocates for loved ones. We press for changes in the treatment delivery system and in the continuum of care. We educate ourselves about the players, the systems, and the laws surrounding all issues of treatment, incarceration, conservatorship and new legislation (CA & Fed) because is is always changing. We navigate with families through the intertwined systems of mental illness, the legal system, incarceration, homelessness and Probation.

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