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Board Members


Rod Pearson - Board President


Rod was born and raised in Minnesota where he was educated at HTC and began working in the television industry. His expertise in the technical side included building studios, TV signal delivery systems and sports productions. As a result, Rod gained a strong knowledge of modern technology which he continues to learn and utilize in his professional and personal life.


When Rod moved to Santa Barbara over 20 years ago, he sought the opportunity to use his technology and building skills leading him to his current position as partner of Touchstone Builders, Inc. with Bob Eckert.

Together, Touchstone Builders, Inc. has been involved in several successful complex and challenging building projects. With project management skills, insights and their team of talented expert collaborators, they provide their clients the opportunity to realize their dream home or remodel.


A born leader, Rod is involved in the community and is currently President of FamiliesAct!, a local non-profit organization that advocates for families seeking compassionate treatment of mentally ill family members. He is actively involved in assisting family members understand the system and advocates for the treatment of incarcerated individuals who require appropriate medical and mental treatment. His own experience of getting help for one of his children, beginning from an early age and continuing to present, provides an understanding of the challenges faced in navigating a difficult system. As a result, he is compassionate about helping other families get the help they need for their loved ones.


Rod also serves as a Commissioner for the Behavior Wellness Department for the County of Santa Barbara and sits on several subcommittees for the Commission.


Rod enjoys being outdoors on his bike or a hiking trail. 

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